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About Planko Flooring

Planko Flooring Co.,Ltd. is a solid timber flooring company that specializes in supplying and installing premium and exotic hardwood flooring for both indoors and outdoors. We are principally engaged in the supply and installation of a comprehensive range of timber flooring under our ‘Planko Flooring’ brand as well as sale and distribution of timber products and flooring accessories.

Armed with intimate knowledge of the properties and installation methods of wood flooring, Planko Flooring is known in the market as a wood-flooring specialist that provides quality products and services. We offer our customers over 20 types of timber species to cater to their preferences and budgets. Keeping up with the trend of going green, we are pleased to introduce our Green Label products: FSC Plantation Teak and Reclaimed hardwood. These woods are very good resistant to termites and can be used for outdoors.

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Repairing & Refinishing Wood Floor


All damaged wood floor; flooded, cupped, scratches, cracked, loosened and etc. All problem we can solve and repair. Your damaged wood floor will become new.


Our fantastic sanding machines from Germany generate 95% dust-free. They will remove all the old varnish deep to bare wood, no more messy work.


Our Danish Water-based Polyurethane coating is odorless and no harm to human health. The finish will give natural and elegant look to your wood floor.


Whatever color customer like, we can stain.

Products & Species


We supply various species wood lumber – Burmese Teak lumber, Golden Teak lumber, Ironwood lumber, Makha wood lumber, Balau wood lumber, White Oak lumber, Ash lumber, Maple lumber, Asian Walnut lumber, Helmlock lumber, Pine wood and etc.

Solid wood Flooring

Many hardwood species can be solid wood floor – Burmese Teak floor, Golden Teak floor, Makha wood floor, Ironwood floor, Balau wood floor, White Oak floor, Ash wood floor, Maple wood floor, Asian Walnut wood floor and Wenge wood floor.

Engineered wood flooring

Many hardwood species can be Engineered wood floor – Burmese Teak, Golden Teak, Makha wood, Ironwood, Balau wood, White Oak, Ash wood, Maple wood, Asian Walnut wood and Wenge wood.


Teak decking, Ironwood decking, Balau decking, Heat treated Merpauh, Chengai decking and Pine decking.

Skirting & Moulding

All wood species can be skirting.

Plywood & MDF

Various size and grade of plywood & MDF.

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